you stand in a crowd and people ask you how life is and you stand smiling ,nodding your head and answering questions they ask you and in the darkness of your mind you slowly crawl into a box (like a kid playing with a cardboard box).everybody is nice and sweet.you dont know if they are the same behind your back.they cant be a saint all the time for Pete's sake!.All you want to be is alone.Safe in the arms of your source.The world is but a stage no one will stand by you forever.Hurt is not a permanent thing .All humans do hurt somtime.The more you love a person ,the more you gather their essence,the more you become a part of you the harder it gets for you to let them go,the more you get hurt by the things they say and do.Hurt is a part of life hurts fine cause its always temporary,but to know that after going through all the hurt ,laughter and tears you will have to say good bye......I dont think its worth the pain.Call it detached if you want .but in a crowd where all looks grey ,not black nor white. I would rather stay away.

If I can help you I would,if you want me to stay I will ,If you want me to be there in your misery,laughter...anything? say the word and I will be there.Just remeber I will pass away and so will you...It leaves you loney in the end...kind of an eerie feeling creeps over me everytime I think of it. "THE WORLD IS BUT A STAGE,EVERYTHING PASSES AWAY"