snow flakes look like this under a microscope!
As a kid I used to fold a square piece of paper into four sides and cut it to form similar patterns and amma would tell me that they looked just like snowflakes .I would nod my head -I like too believe the things she said were true, but I knew deep down somewhere in the corner of my mind snowflakes couldnt have looked so complexly shaped.As I grew I started to study,got to school and then in the course of time I find out that snowflakes actually look like the paper models I had cut out....I smiled to myself as I saw the pictures with the title(snowflakes under microscope) below mom was right after all.....
I guess thats how our ideas of god is .Its so hard to believe that there is a force behind the beauty we see every morning.Why do the leaves on the branches arrange themsleves in order,Why do ants walk in a line?,Why does the sea follow different currents? It all seems too complex to match the simple unexplainable existence of a supernatural force involved in the existence of the world.