I had a dream of someone quarreling with a friend of mine "you should have left space" said the girl "I think I left enough" "did not" "did to" "did not " did to" went on.The next day on the train to college I happened to meet him so out of some stupid gut feel I asked him (half heartedly)about the argument.he told me he had designed the service sheet for his church and a girl had a disagreement with him.It was true! I freaked.the next dream not really comfortable :someone sleeping on a bed.I was facing his back he turned over in bed and faced was true.

I was watching a movie today and slowly dosed of to sleep by my mobile phone ringing .It rang again ,It was a junior of mine at college, he asked me if I was going for a turtle walk from Neelangarai .I was tired and I was a little irritated with someone waking me up in the deep vortex of my sleep "no" one word was all my so very patient mind said and dosed back into slumber.I dreamt of him opening a long red box with a tiny dead bat.I woke up and called him at once (he was looking after an injured bat in his room and the coincidence kicked me in the face.I asked him to check on the bat was fine.He asked me why I asked all of a sudden .I tried to avoid the question,he might laugh at my madness.I was wrong
"throw away the red box" I told him .He agreed and I was at peace ,with out the red box my dream would be incomplete.I explained why I called and told him what I dreamt of and why I take my dreams seriously.
Did I do a wrong thing to warn him ?
Was it wrong to intervene with what was to happen? well someone or something was responsible for me getting these broadcasts! they wanted me to know.... did they think I was to handle these dreams with care ?
Were they upset with what i had done ?
Was it wrong to warn him ?
What if the bat died ? (Its changes of dying was greater since its was small and feeding was a whole complicated question mark with a thousand people trying to stuff a thousand thing into its tiny mouth!)
What if this meant something more?
What if there was a reason for me getting these random dreams?
What if all I have dreamt of is all a conicedence?
The option of "none of the above" found in a multiple choice questions made a lot of sense to me now.